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TANDEM Jetovator Kit

The Tandem Jetovator is the newest product created by Jetavation Inc. and allows for two flyers at once.


MSRP may vary based on region


*addtional fees and shipping cost may apply to international orders

TANDEM Jetovator Kit

  • The new Tandem Jetovator makes flying easier than ever and offers new flyers the option of training with a certified flight instructor. This is the perfect addition to any Hydroflight Rental Operation who are looking to maximize revenue and operator safety.


    The Tandem Jetovator has twin controls, allowing it to be controlled from the front or rear seat. New riders can fly in comfort knowing they have an instructor in the back that can take over the controls at any time. The Tandem is also perfect for offering brief demo rides for younger passengers or people who just want to experience the thrill of Hydroflight without the need for comprehensive training.


    The Tandem Jetovator Kit comes with a special high-volume thrust adapter and 110mm hose, and can lift a total weight of up to 400 pounds when used with a high output watercraft and double impeller (not included in kit).

  • Each Standard Kit Includes the following:

    • Powder coated aluminum tubular frame, light weight and will not rust with use in salt water.
    • Polyethylene body, a safety feature that provides vehicle flotation.
    • Urethane padded seat, visor, and knee pads, so you can fly in comfort for hours.
    • PWC Jet Thrust Adapter and Hose Mount, easily attaches to your existing Seadoo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki.
    • A 60 foot long, 110mm connecting hose, allows for a safe distance between the PWC and the Jetovator.
    • Auxiliary Steering, a safety feature that allows the PWC operator to retain some steering capacity.
    • Powered Nozzles, one for slower flying beginners, and one that allows the advanced rider to go up to 25 mph.
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