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One of those concepts was the Freedom Flyer. It is the Industries first and only Hydroflight device designed specifically for the paraplegic and disabled communities. Jetavation has hosted a number of nonprofit events for Wounded combat veterans and training them to fly this amazing Freedom Flyer. Jetavation also entered the board sports sector of the Hydroflight market with the radical Shred Sled. This simple and easy to ride board has only one jet, no moving parts, and allows new riders to easily transition from a kneeling position to a fully upright standing position. Jetavation recently released their new Tandem Jetovator allowing two riders to fly together; both with their own seat and control sticks. The Tandem Jetovator has proven to be an ideal training platform for new riders as well as allowing young kids to experience the thrill of Hydroflight with a trained Flight instructor assisting them from the back seat.

Jetavation Inc has been a pioneer in the Hydroflight industry since its inception back in 2011. Starting off with the Jetovator, the world's first water-propelled flying bike, Jetavation has continued to push the design and engineering envelope with a multitude of successful follow-up products. Jetavation continues to innovate and create new flying concepts and prototypes on a regular basis.

Some become production realities while others are just whimsical creations purely to test the limits of what is possible. Jetavation recently created the spectacular “Jedivator” a real life flying replica of the famed Star Wars Speeder Bikes. You can see them in action in this Fan Film made by legendary video maker Devin Supertramp.

We love collaborating with our distributors to bring something unique and different to the water. Nathan Townsend of Jetovator Australia was approached by a big Social Media Marketing Company who had seen the Star Wars Jedivator video we did with Devin Supertramp. In the Destiny Videogame, there are flying jet bikes called Sparrows that you race and do freestyle tricks with. They wanted us to try and replicate these bikes IRL.

It almost didn’t happen as the launch of Destiny 2 drew closer and closer.  Finally, they pulled the trigger and started to pull in some big names to help promote it. They brought in some influential YouTubers and some Nitro Circus stunt riders to help boost the campaign. The result you can view Here.

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