The JETOVATOR, FREEDOM FLYER, and SHRED SLED  KITS come with everything you need to hook up to any SeaDoo, Yamaha or Kawasaki personal watercraft (recommended with a minimum of 130hp*).

Each Standard Kit Includes the following:

  • Powder coated aluminum tubular frame, light weight and will not rust with use in salt water.
  • Polyethylene body, a safety feature that provides vehicle flotation.
  • Urethane padded seat, visor, and knee pads, so you can fly in comfort for hours.
  • PWC Jet Thrust Adapter and Hose Mount, easily attaches to your existing Seadoo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki.
  • A 66 foot long connecting  hose, allows for a safe distance between the PWC and the Jetovator.
  • Auxiliary Steering, a safety feature that allows the PWC operator to retain some steering capacity.
  • Powered Nozzles, one for slower flying beginners, and one that allows the advanced rider to go up to 25 mph.

Pricing will vary based on the standard tax and importation costs of your region. The manufacturers suggested retail price for the United States is US$5,975. Please contact a Jetovator Distributor near you to get pricing for your region.

Also now available; Jetovator Bike, Freedom Flyer Chair, or Shred Sled Board with NO hose or thrust adapter for US$2,975, and a metric or standard hose coupling for US$250. Perfect if you want to quickly and easily add the Jetovator to your existing vertical watersports set up.


  • Hydroflight Adapters, allow you to hook up all our Jetovator products to your existing Hydroflight set-up (such as Flydive, X-Jet, Flyboard, and Defy coupling systems).
  • Suspension Landing Gear, allows you to take off from, and land on, boat decks and docks. For advanced flyers only!
  • Landing Board, hooks to your suspension landing gear and allows you to skim the surface of the water.
  • Double Impeller*, reduces cavitation and fuel consumption while adding the equivalent of 30 hp to your personal watercraft.
  • Stunt Foot Straps, to help you keep your seat while performing twists and flips.
  • JETOVATOR PWC Helmet, light weight, and designed to match the Jetovator color of your choice.
  • Life Jacket, recommended for safe Jetovator use. Any life jacket will work, we just offer this as an quick easy option for new Jetovator owners.
  • JETOVATOR Hats and T-shirts

Click HERE to find a distributor near you or if you would like to become a Jetovator Exclusive Distributor, contact Jetavation Inc. for wholesale distributor pricing options.

* Please note that a double impeller is recommend when using a personal watercraft with less than 180 hp.