Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the Jetovator?
A: The Jetovator is a flying water sport propelled bike that hooks up to your existing Jet ski or Hydro-flight System.

Q: How does it work?
A: The Jetovator redirects the water thrust from the jet unit of the Jet ski along a sixy foot hose4 to the Jetovator Bike. This water thrust is then used to propel and elevate the Jetovator into the air.
The sixty foot connecting hose is attached to the PWC via a supplied thrust adaptor that redirects the jet thrust 180 degrees towards the front of the PWC. This thrust adapter can be easily installed and removed, allowing the PWC to still be used as normal.

Q: What is it made out of?
A: The Jetovator frames are made of powder coated aluminum and the body is made of an impact resistant polyethylene.

Q: What us a Universal Thrust Adapter?
A: The Universal Thrust Adapter hooks up to the back of the PWC and directs the water up to the front of the watercraft into the hose that supplies the Jetovator. The Jetovator Universal Thrust Adapter provides the following benefits;
1) Hooks up quickly and easily with 4 bolts and a connection strap to any Seadoo, Kawasaki or Yamaha PWC with 120 HP or more.
2) Provides auxiliary steering so that the PWC operator retains some of the steering capacity while the Jetovator is in operation. This is perfect for directing new operators as they learn to fly and for assisting with stunts and performed by expert riders.
3) Allows the PWC to get up on the plane when the Jetovator is in use so the operator can travel at speeds up to 25 MPH.

Q: Does there have to be someone on the Jet Ski?
A: There does have to be an operator on the Jet ski to control the throttle and to direct the ski. 20% of the thrust is directed out of the rear of the thrust adapter, so the jet ski operator retains some of the steering capacity. Professionals can use a fly-by-wire throttle manufactured by a different company.

Q: What kind of Jet Ski do you need?
A: You can use any 4-stroke SeaDoo, Yamaha or Kawasaki personal watercraft. Although the Jetovator can be hooked to any personal watercraft.

Q: What is a double impeller?
A: The double impeller is a Skat-Trak aftermarket part that reduces cavitation, decreases fuel consumption and adds the equivalent of 30HP to your PWC. We recommend that you have this installed at your local PWC repair shop.

Q: How long does it take to learn to fly?
A: The average person is up and flying in less than 5 minutes.

Q: How high does it go?
A: Up to 40 feet, but the Jetovator operator is in control of the height. So a beginner can cruise on 2 feet above the water if that is where they are comfortable.

Q: How much water pressure and water volume does it use?
A: Around 1,000 gallons of water flows through the Jetovator every minute.
There is an average of 50 psi out of all three Jetovator nozzles, and about 80 psi out of the thrust adapter into the connecting hose. The water thrust coming out of the nozzles is high volume low pressure, so that you can actually safely put your hand under the flow of water.

Q: How long is the hose?
A: The best length is 50-60 feet depending on how much HP your watercraft has. This keeps the Jetovator a safe distance from the ski while minimizing weight to the hose.

Q: What colors are there?
A: Our standard colors are yellow, green, orange, blue and red. Standard powder coat and pads are black, but other colors are available for an additional fee.

Q: What is included in the Standard Jetovator Kit?
A: Each Standard Jetovator Kit comes with everything needed to easily hook up to your existing Jet Ski and fly.
Your standard Jetovator kit comes in three main parts and there is some assembly require.
1) Bike frame; with control nozzles, foot plates, body and pads.
2) The universal thrust adapter with securing strap and adapter rings so you can hook up to any Yamaha, SeaDoo or Kawasaki.
3) Steering Power Nozzle.
4) Swiveling connecting hose, designed to keep the hose from kinking so it is great fir professionals and beginners alike.

Q: Are there additional options available
Jetavation Inc. is proud to offer the following additional options that will enhance your flight experience;
The removable Stainless Steel Stunt Swivel attaches to the thrust adapter and is used with your standard hose.
The Suspension Landing Gear acts as a great display stand and allows you to take off from and land on docks and boat decks.
The Double Impeller reduces cavitation, decreases fuel consumption and adds the equivalent of 30HP to your PWC.
We also offer a Custom Powder Coat Color option. We can get any color powder coat to match your existing toys. There may be a three to four week wait time for custom orders.

Q: Is there a warranty on the Jetovator?
A: The jetovator bike and thrust adapter come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
The connecting hose is a wear and tear item like the tires on your car, so it only has a six-month warranty. The hose warranty is also contingent upon the customer using and caring for the hose properly.
We recommend that all distributors and rental companies keep some spare length hoses on hand so that they can help their customers more quickly.

Q: How much does it cost to ship a Jetovator?
A: Price of shipping depends on region of shipping location. International shipping customers are responsible for all customs fees and importation taxes.
We allow our customers to make their own shipping arrangements if they would prefer, so please be sure to ask at the time of your order if you prefer this option.